Cathedral Quartz



Measures:  8″ width x 6.8″ depth x 9.2″ height
Weight:  23.5 lbs








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This large and lovely cathedral shaped clear quartz specimen is a terrific light box piece.  It is reminiscent of the mythological crystal cities.  It’s uplifting and majestic.  Both externally and internally, this crystal is filled with veils and tiers, yielding beautiful reflections of inter-dimensional light.  Etched on many surfaces are the triangular growth patterns, suggestive of record keeper quartz.  This is a truly powerful piece for crystal gazing, channeling, and receiving messages from the Divine.  Light Labyrinth not included.

Photographs are taken on the Light Labyrinth with either white only or all colors on (without variation) which change depending on the angle of the crystal and the observer.

Shipping Information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in