Goliath the Modern Master Crystal Skull with Kirby Seid


The Brazilian Quartz from which Goliath has been carved is hundreds of millions of years old. There is a rainbow reflecting inclusion deep inside his forehead at his third eye. In the past two decades, Goliath the Crystal Skull has been charged by some of the ancient crystals and master crystals that we have had the honor to meet, including the famous Mitchell-Hedges Skull and Sha Na Ra.

Goliath has a strong and grounding Earth resonance. Within this giant sized crystal skull contains energies from all the spiritual traditions of the World. This piece has worked with several groups over the years, and has also been activated by channels such as Bashar and Galexis. Goliath is a truly amazing crystal skull that feels powerful in person and looks amazing on the Light Labyrinth. Goliath is available for private and online sessions.

Master Skull Activated Crystals

Quartz Crystals are natural memory chips, and transmit their information energetically. An Activated Crystal has been awakened by a master or key crystal that already contains Star Wisdom, Earth History and Frequencies for Human Evolution. Goliath the Crystal Skull is a modern master that we use to activate specially selected crystals and carvings.

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