Connecting with your crystal


Begin by grounding yourself, so you can be fully open to this new experience. Set your intention to connect clearly with your new crystal. Begin by placing your hands on it and feeling its contours. Welcome it. Familiarize yourself with it, and the crystal will respond. Talk to it out loud. Establish a telepathic connection to it. Over time the experience will deepen. Ground again at the end of the exchange. Remember that you and your energy will shift from moment to moment. Each interaction with the crystal may be unique, or may build on themes and patterns relevant to you over time.


Practice charging the crystal by placing a golden white ball of light at its center and imaging that light is recharging, powering up, and awakening the crystal. Clear, clean, and retune the crystal to ground and balance using the invitation of this golden white light. Be sure to bathe your own body in this divine light during the process. Fully surround yourself, the crystal, and invite that bubble of energy to envelope the entire property. Sit in that space for a moment.

Power Name

Names carry with them a certain frequency and association. Having a name creates an entry point for greeting one another. The crystal may suggest a special name for your work together. Don’t be overly concerned if not. If it is relevant to you, a name will eventually come.


You also have a frequency. Spend a moment feeling into your own baseline frequency. How does your vibrant life force essence look to you using your mind’s eye? Is it vibrant and sparkling like a glistening rainbow? Is it soft, colorful, and muted like mother of pearl? Maybe it is a collection of colors that suits your unique palette?

Once you have bathed yourself in the colors of your own life force energy, greet the crystal warmly and broadcast your own signature energy. The crystal will respond and establish a link. It’s like hammering a stake in the ground, you have identified your unique frequency and relative resonance with the crystal. In the future you will be able to easily access the crystal remotely.

After feeling fully charged, cleared, and grounded, try using different frequencies of light to access and activate different aspects. Do this as an exploration at first. Try envisioning a color. Feel into how this changes the crystal, your body/mind state, and your relationship to both from a higher perspective. Try cycling between two colors, for example from red to pink, like starting with deep dark red and slowly adding bright white light. How does this change your experience?


Always begin by grounding yourself and the crystal. Invite the gravitational forces from the core of the planet to provide the anchor. Feel the magnetic forces moving through the core of the planet and bending from south to north pole cloaking the planet in this field. It is created from the churning of dense molten lead, and conducts the flow of this planetary electromagnetic field. Invite the weight of gravity from below to be the anchor of your grounding cord. Invite gravity to also ground the crystal.

Ask the crystal to balance your personal field and surrounding environment. Out of balance electromagnetic energy may range from wild weather and unexpected natural events, to social unrest. When these energies feel out of balance, ask the crystal to harmonize and optimize the “force” field. You can encourage the process by cultivating your own inner peace, and allowing the crystal to perform its service.

You may program the crystal with intentions to manifest, resolve, heal our collective unconscious. Providing an outlet to transmute discordant energies will not only mitigate the harmful consequences of blocked energy, but will also harvest the opportunity for a positive outcome. Express those visions in great detail. Allow the crystal to amplify your highest hopes and best intentions to better the world with harm to none. Invite your angels, guides, and unseen friends to participate and co-create.

Qualities of Quartz

Hillary & Kirby Seid

“Although the crystal may be used for “mind to mind” communications,
its higher purpose . . . is in the service of humanity for the removal of pain and suffering.”

~ Marcel Vogel, Senior Scientist for IBM and globally respected Quartz crystal researcher

Throughout history, quartz crystal has been significant in human evolution. Quartz is the most common mineral on earth and also the most varied. It occurs in many different forms, habits, and colors. Quartz crystals have a natural beauty that reflects light in a dazzling way; it is no wonder that humans attribute significant value to them. The practice of healing with Quartz is actually thousands of years old and used by many ancient civilizations. Quartz and other minerals have been used as tools for divination of higher knowledge and sacred ceremony. Druid priests, Tibetan monks and Native Americans held crystals as sacred power objects. Quartz has also been crucial to the technological advancement in our modern world. Because Quartz has unique properties such as piezoelectricity, time keeping, energy storage and amplification abilities, it has helped humanity create many of our modern tools of technology: such as lasers, optics, computers, communication systems, radio, television, ultra-sound and much more.

The uniqueness of Quartz crystal is the tetrahedral structure of silicon dioxide that gives it a both flexibility in structural combinations and in piezoelectric potential. The structure of silicon dioxide allows for variations from single to double tetrahedrons, tetrahedral rings, infinite chains of tetrahedral threads, sheets, and networks that yield all kinds of crystalline structures. With respect to the electrical potential of Quartz, when heat, pressure or any energetic impact (including intention) is applied, the electrons in the silicon dioxide jump to a higher orbit. However, excited electrons in higher energy levels do not stay there long, as they prefer to return to their normal levels. In order to step back to their original state, they release a mild electrical charge in the process that can then be harnessed.

The electrical charge is an oscillating vibration that is constant and accurate, so it can be harnessed for radios, computer chips, and watches. Quartz also creates a resonant field that interacts with the subtle energy fields of our human biology. Quartz can help harmonize and amplify our intentions. For example, you can meditate on a state of confidence, and while holding a crystal use your conscious intent to program the quartz to maintain that frequency of vibration within you. The crystal will not only hold your intention but also amplify that frequency. That crystal will continue to radiate that state throughout your immediate environment and support your own physiological energy field.  You can work with the crystal like a touchstone. When you have moments of feeling “off center”, reconnect with the crystal to reset your own frequency. This will help you get back to center and reclaim your confidence. There are many traditions that employ this principle through different types of ritual. You can use these properties of frequency storage and amplification, combined with your intention, to achieve your own results easily.

The inherent ebb and flow balance within nature reflects in the geometric designs of Quartz. Millions of years of geologic forces, with tremendous heat, pressure, and chemistry, have united to create the vibrational resonance of Quartz, making it extremely helpful with meditation. When simply holding a crystal mineral, some people have experience changes in their body, mind and emotions. Some people feel deeply calmed, while others feel energized and inspired. When you connect with Quartz, you may also connect with the planet on a very deep rhythmic level. The molecular structure is very organized. Quartz can align your energy fields, allowing you to connect with nature, and returning your mind and body to a state of wholeness and belonging. Our bodies are filled with silica molecules that vibrate in resonance with the molecules in Quartz. During a meditation, Quartz can help calm your nervous system and assist with focusing your attention. Additionally, by consciously directing your interactions with crystals you can potentially accelerate your ability to transform your reality. Some crystal teachers believe that Quartz facilitates altered states of consciousness and can assist receiving information from spiritual realms, as well as helping to develop both creative and psychic abilities of the mind.

“Quartz crystal emits a vibration, which extends and amplifies the powers of the users mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will,” explains Marcel Vogel.

From an anthropomorphic viewpoint, Quartz crystals can be appreciated as sentient beings.  Just as there are evolutionary forces at work in the animate world we regard as consciousness, the mineral kingdom has its own movement on an entirely different time scale. Most Quartz crystals are between 40 million to 400 million years old. They are memory chips, recording frequencies of our planet’s growth. They represent the collective memories of primal geologic forces and major evolutionary events on Earth.  Every fractal, inclusion, and veil is an indication of different Earth changes that occurred in the course of planetary growth. These crystals were at one point liquified in molten earth. As they are pushed up toward the Earth’s crust, they cool and crystallize into solid minerals. Through plate tectonic movement and other forces, the crystals are pushed upward through the earth where we uncover them. This process of evolving and changing occurs at a pace we can’t see in the short period of time to which our biology is calibrated.

Our scientists have estimated that our earth is around four billion years old. Most of that time our Earth has incubated forms of elemental consciousness. Just as we research our human ancestors and their behavior to help us understand our own destiny, so too we might seek to understand the evolution of other forms on this planet in acknowledgement that we are a part of some greater movement. In fact, humanity has an impact in the whole of evolution. If we learn to transcend our limited awareness of time and space, we might begin to relate to these forces in our own evolutionary movement and begin to comprehend our purpose and destiny. Crystals are pieces of the bigger picture and act as markers that have information for us – the memory that we are part of everything. In that remembrance what dissolves is our sense of being lost and separate, or a feeling of hopelessness. What can then emerge is the knowledge that we belong to an intelligent universe filled with other magnificent consciousnesses willing to co-create with us.

The crystal you choose to meditate with can act as a talisman. It can help you connect with your greater self. It can be a touchstone for grounding during journeys. A talisman is a gateway that connects you to the essence of someone or something that holds greater meaning, with the energies of greater love and inspiration that stir your heart and soul. In shamanic work, something or someone acts as a grounding force to keep the person safe and nurtured while the soul and spirit soar to other places. Talismans help you to stay rooted while connecting to a higher guiding energy during astral explorations.

When we allow ourselves to alter our normal states of being and recalibrate with something on a primordial level, we can tap into the subconscious and unconscious knowledge of where we come from. Quartz can assist us in our journey going forward both personally and collectively. The Earth has provided us with this precious tool for humanity to work with our conscious intentions, where we can explore, heal, manifest, and redefine our beliefs for more joyous and rewarding experiences.