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Crystal Skulls Conference 2024

October 11 – 13
Sedona, Arizona

Crystal Skulls are an ancient enigma with fascinating legends, history and purpose behind them. Crystal Skull keepers will come to Sedona from far and wide so that you can get a chance to be in the same space with the powerful energies of these ancient relics!  They have been repositories of consciousness, so that the human race can create coherence between not only generations but across the ages. Come to the red rocks of Sedona and join us in exploring this fascinating topic while also being in the same sacred space with the ancient Crystal Skulls!

Kirby Seid: Uncovering the Secrets of the Crystal Skulls and Amazing Gems and Minerals

1) All about Master Crystal Skulls?
2) How using crystals to heal and transform began?
3) Exploration of the Light Labyrinth
4) Holotope (geometric artwork with fractal patterns) for multi dimensions
5) What Kirby supplies shamans and students of shamanism
6) His passionate for combining modern and ancient technologies, sciences and the sacred, and facilitating group experiences

Discover the mesmerizing world of crystals, ancient technology, and UFO connections in this captivating episode of Dare to Dream Podcast. Join host Debbi Dachinger as she delves into the fascinating realm of Master Crystal Skulls, Light Labyrinths, and Ascension healing tools. With a perfect blend of modern and ancient wisdom, this video uncovers the secrets hidden within these extraordinary crystals.

In this thought-provoking conversation with renowned crystal expert Kirby Seid, you will explore the profound benefits and transformative power that crystals hold. From their healing properties to their role in energy alignment and spiritual growth, Seid sheds light on the remarkable value these mystical gems provide to our lives. Discover the ancient technology embedded within crystal formations and the intriguing connections between crystals, modern technology, and the UFO phenomenon.

Unlock the hidden knowledge and wisdom of the Crystal Skulls and delve into the mesmerizing world of crystals, with this enlightening episode. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your understanding of crystals, their cosmic significance, and their role in our journey of self-discovery. Tune in now and embark on a captivating adventure into the realm of crystals, guided by Kirby Seid and host Debbi Dachinger.

“Dare to Dream” podcast, with host, Debbi Dachinger, offers cutting-edge conversation on metaphysics, quantum creating, channeling, healing, UFO’s, paranormal and extraterrestrials. For 16 years Debbi hosts this award-winning podcast. Join Debbi on Instagram: @daretodreampodcast and @debbidachinger

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AIM Event Flyer

Crystal Skull Consciousness

Kirby Seid discusses various mystical practices with crystal skulls in traditional and modern times. He describes qualities of quartz, aspects of crystal skull consciousness, and how we can attune ourselves in order to record and tap into cosmic knowledge. Kirby reflects on his influences including Nick Nocerino, ancient artifacts Sha Na Ra, and the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. He also introduces modern master skulls Goliath, Altair and Vega.

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The Seven Crystal Systems:
Crystal Geometries, Chakras, and Color Therapy

Kirby Seid introduces the seven geometric structures found in crystals, and discusses crystal energy, color and our chakras, and how all these resonances affect our mind-body states.

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