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Master Skull Activated Crystals

The Light Labyrinth with Music Visualizer

We invite you to experience The Light Labyrinth – a powerful technology combining spectacular crystals with exquisite computerized light programs. You will journey through transcendent beauty with dazzling color and strobing programs projected into quartz crystals.

The Music Visualizer feature provides a multi-sensory auditory and visual feast with your favorite music, your voice, or your instrument. This function accepts audio input from an iPod, stereo system, microphone, guitar, keyboard and more! The ranges of sound frequencies are assigned color combinations that visualize your music. This will enable you to see what you are hearing through a dazzling crystal.

Note: Colors in real life are more rich. We use seven colors of LED lights, whereas your phone, computer, or iPad has only three (RGB).

“The color is phenomenal, and brings the crystals to life!”

“A very profound and spiritual experience”

“Like sitting inside the heart of God”

“Healing for ourselves and our World”

“My state of awareness and joy greatly increased”

“Heal with beauty rather than through suffering and pain”

“Communicate directly with the subconscious mind”

“Move into a state of consciousness that promotes visions, clarity, and a sense of freedom”

“Enhances the group experience immeasurably”


An Exquisite Multidimensional Journey!

Experience a synergy of light, color, sound, form and beauty;

creating transcendent states of awareness and self-discovery.

 This is a sampling of our Non-Strobing sequences and Chakra color blending.  Note: Colors in real life are more rich.

We use seven colors of LED lights, whereas your phone, computer, or iPad has only three (RGB).


Kirby Seid and Goliath

Private and Online Sessions
with Goliath the Crystal Skull

Goliath is a truly amazing modern master crystal skull that has a powerful presence and looks amazing illuminated by the rainbow colors of the Light Labyrinth.