What People Are Saying …

People around the world are using this technology to journey into deep meditation and lucid dream states.  It is utilized by teachers to align and expand group consciousness, discussions, work and personal spiritual practices. The Light Labyrinth and natural crystals bring stunning beauty and elegance to any environment.

Spiritual Experience
“One of my friends who is a psychotherapist actually cried the first time she worked with the Light Labyrinth.  She said she felt like she was sitting inside the heart of God.  It was a very profound and spiritual experience for her.”
Joy Delucia

“Whenever I look over at the Light Labyrinth, I get this feeling of complete peace and connection.  I couldn’t live without it, literally!  The colors are almost otherworldly.  It’s really amazing.  I get communication from the Light Labyrinth and crystal without having to use words or verbal language – it’s an intuitive information exchange.”
Sue Norris

Lucid Dreams
“Almost every single time I’ve spent about an hour with the Light Labyrinth and crystal in the dark, with or without strobing, I have had very lucid dreams.  I’m fully conscious in the dreams and experiencing very detailed images.  I’m a composer and I’m having musical dreams with very vivid details.  It’s not like a dream world; it’s like waking reality.  I’m just being with the Light Labyrinth and various crystals I put on it, from spheres to rare healing crystals, …and then I’m having lucid dreams.”
Randy Masters, Composer, Musician and Sacred Geometry Teacher


“It is a pleasure working with the Light Labyrinth. I’m having great times with it.  Every time I use it, I have positive results.  I am becoming more psychic.  It truly has to be experienced to be understood.  It’s like a flower that is blossoming… as my image of what it can be grows, I grow.  Last night, I had it on random shuffle and when my brain came up with a creative idea, my mind suddenly shifted into Alpha state – almost on cue.  I highly recommend this thing.  IT’S ALIVE!”
Chris Defendorf

“The Light Labyrinth definitely puts me in a trance – in a complete and total state of awe.  It is a really good modality for accessing information.  The Light Labyrinth always soothes my heart and makes everything OK and peaceful.”
Louisa McKusky, Teacher and Healer, Wise Awakening

Awareness and Joy Increased
“I had the opportunity to sit with Kirby and the Light Labyrinth….it was a truly rewarding experience.  Our conversation during that time seemed to have an expanded quality of consciousness, and the effects lasted well into the next day.  My state of awareness and joy was greatly increased and many people I talked with that day mentioned that I was glowing.”
Penny Opal Plant, Owner of Inspired

Vibrational Teachers
“I use the crystals and Light Labyrinth in combination with other vibrational tools because I believe that light is a vibrational teacher.  I use them in combination with drums, tuning forks, and toning – all of which carry vibrations as well. We typically comprehend with words, and words get filtered through the conscious mind.   With these tools, we bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly with the subconscious mind.  I use the Light Labyrinth as a way to turn off the talking mind, so that the subconscious mind is more accessible.  This is the same sort of principle used in hypnotic work.”
Peter Warner, Business Consultant

Evolutionary Dreaming
“After I spent an hour in front of the Light Labyrinth and crystal, I had an evolutionary dream.  I define an evolutionary dream as dreaming without judgement.  During evolutionary dreaming, I can recognize and grow beyond a specific pattern.  After this dream I was profoundly aware of being softer in my behavior with my partner.  I feel like the male part of me shifted, softened, and stopped being defensive.  Kirby has created this as a possibility for people to heal spiritually with beauty rather than through suffering and pain.  I’m very aligned with that message too.”
Marilyn Cohen, Co-owner Resonant Living

Group Meditation
“The Light Labyrinth has become part of our group meditation and ceremony work.  The crystal and Light Labyrinth have become like the sacred fire.  Our groups use it as a tool to send out healing energy to our community as well as to magnify the intention of healing for ourselves and our world.”


“The Light Labyrinth enhances the group experience immeasurably.  It enables people to read each other better.  I turn it on for every session I have, and even when they are not gazing at it, it makes the healing energy in the room glow!  It absolutely glows.”
Barbara LaRocca, Hypnotherapist

Frees the Mind of Ego
“Crystal gazing with intention is a unique form of meditation that frees the mind/ego.  With the proper setting, one can move into a state of consciousness that promotes visions, clarity, and a sense of freedom.”
Randy Egger, President Project Partners, LLC Software Consulting and Development


“The color is phenomenal, and brings the crystals to life!  I actually see holograms around the crystals when I watch the Light Labyrinth.”
Flora La Rayne