Mountain Manifestor Sphere



Measures: 8.8″ width x 8.8″ depth x 8.8″ height
Weight:  37.5 lbs


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This light smoky Brazilian quartz sphere features an embedded manifesting crystal and embodies the Spirit of the Mountain.  This piece is bright, vibrant, and has good clarity.  The interior structure has many dynamic and fluid veils that appear like liquid frozen in time.  In the center of the sphere, planes filled with large rainbows meet at triangles, like illuminated waves merging together underwater.  Viewing this piece at just the right angle, you might see a figure standing on top of the manifestor crystal, or you might see a dolphin or whale dancing above the waves, a crane or egret, a spaceship rising, or perhaps a tall mountain range.

Meditate with this crystal, tell it your deepest dreams, ask it to help you to manifest those dreams in your reality. This is also a powerful tool for tapping into the Spirit of the Mountain.

Comes with a custom black velvet pillow with a circular cutout specifically intended for the Light Labyrinth (not included).

Photographs are taken with either white only or all colors on (without variation) which change depending on the angle of the crystal and the observer.

Shipping Information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in