Holotope Framed Print


Limited Edition
Giclee Print on Cotton Rag

26″ wide x 20″ tall

Comes with Flat Black Matt Border
and Black Wood Frame with Plexiglass



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The Holotope Mandala is a stunning geometric expression based on the E8 Gosset polytope. Each of the 248 vertices of the E8 correspond to different elementary particles as they twist and turn over space-time, reproducing all known (and predicted) particle waves and dynamics through pure geometry.  The Holotope Mandala is a projection of eight dimensional layers of the E8 polytope, surrounded by an array of fractal patterns. Each layer is outlined in brilliant rainbow colors. This is an exquisite and colorful art piece that will elevate any creative or meditative space.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 2 in