Beyond Light: A Holotope Journey (Download)



The story of the Holotope from the creators, this booklet accompanies the Holotope package. Also available for purchase separately.

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We live our whole lives intertwined with light; yet, how often do we comprehend how light infuses our well-being and very existence? Our ancestors worshiped the sun and gathered around fire for survival. Today, we depend on new forms of light to evolve. Humankind has been researching and worshiping light throughout history for greater knowledge, healing, technological advances and spiritual meaning. For something so familiar, light is an essential part of everything we experience. What we call light is surrounding us as streams of photons called electromagnetic radiation that spread out and move in wave like patterns as they travel.

The electromagnetic radiation that creates visible light is only a small part of what scientists call the “electromagnetic spectrum”, the group of radiation containing photons, which includes radio waves to x-rays and even gamma waves. The existence of nearly all life on earth is fueled by sunlight, which provides the energy needed for the miracle of photosynthesis and plant growth. Everything we eat contains light – which is then converted into the vital energy that sustains our biology. 

In today’s world what we call “light” is used for many remarkable functions. New technology that allows us to connect to anyplace on the planet with the push of a button – all of our modern entertainment, communication and broadcasting electronics – is created utilizing photonics. We have systems of light therapy for emotional, physical and mental healing – from laser technology to hands on healing to therapeutic meditation. Full spectrum lighting has been proven to affect emotional states and is being used to treat depression. Exciting breakthroughs in bio-photonics open up new doors to understanding the biological causes of diseases. The wonder of light touches every aspect of our lives.