Holotope: 96″ Tripod with Projector Set



Available by order in (3) standard sizes:

70″ Overhead Canvas with (1) Projector
72″ Tripod Canvas with (1) Projector
96″ Tripod Canvas with (2) Projectors

Also available as a Separate Custom Canvas
with Free-Standing Tubular Frame BY REQUEST,
Please call for more details.


For those practitioners who will be conducting Holotope Sessions for other individuals or in group settings, we suggest using this Release of Liability Form to protect you in the unlikely situation that a participant suffers any kind of ill effects.


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The Holotope Mandala is a stunning geometric expression based on the E8 Gosset polytope, a special skewed orthographic projection that fits all of its 240 vertices. Each of the 240 vertices of the E8 correspond to different elementary particles as they twist and turn over space-time, reproducing all known (and predicted) particle waves and dynamics through pure geometry.  The Holotope Mandala is a projection of eight dimensional layers of the E8 polytope, surrounded by an array of fractal patterns. Each layer is outlined in brilliant rainbow colors.  Light is then projected onto the canvas using 6-color LED projectors.  As strobing and non-strobing frequencies of light blend across the canvas, viewers experience expanded states of perception.


Holotope Artwork and Projector Packages come with:

(1) The Holotope Canvas in either Overhead Screen or Tripod Kit

(2) PLUS our custom 6-color LED Holotope Projector

(3) AND Supplemental Equipment & Manual

a.  MIDI box with USB cable (printer style)
b.  MIDI cable (5-pin)
c.  IR sensor
d.  Projector Power cable
e.  Quick Start Remote Guide & Instruction Manual
f.  Projector Remote Control
g.  USB drive with ResLight Player Software (Mac & PC)**

** You will need a laptop or computer (not included) to run the ResLight Player.


Holotope Chakra Meditation:


Holotope with Pre-Programmed Strobing Sequences (STROBING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE):

Shipping Information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 98 × 9 × 9 in