Join us in Mountain View, CA for a fantastic multidimensional journey to your higher mind with the Holotope, the latest spectacular visual art, light and sound meditation produced by Kirby Seid of the The Light Labyrinth Project. The Light Labyrinth and Holotope are powerful tools combining spectacular crystals with exquisite colored light. Journey into transcendent beauty and lucid dream worlds. Commune with the Crystal Kingdom for personal healing and visions.

Kirby Holo-1


Saturday, October 22

The Holotope and Light Labyrinth Projects

7:30pm • $25 pre-registered thru Oct 21, $35 day of

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Sunday, October 23

The Holotope and Light Labyrinth Projects Workshop

1-4pm • $75 pre-registered thru Oct 22, $95 day of

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