The Holotope Mandala – An Exquisite Journey!
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Using pioneering technology that integrates the beauty of light, sound, and geometry, Fontes and Seid assist groups and individuals into transcendent spiritual states.  “The underlying unity of these primal forces can be realized through direct experience,” explains Fontes.  “When light patterns activate this moving geometric mandala, it begins unfolding like a lotus in front of you and within you.  As you witness the mind trying to capture the mystery, awareness touches the innermost self and spontaneous meditation arises.”


Author Sheldon Norberg reflects,
“I felt clear, calm, and relieved of all physical tension as if I had meditated for several hours.  It made me wonder what tremendous healing potential this device has for people with all sorts of ailments.”


The Holotope Mandala, which spans 8-feet across, is a stunning geometric expression based on the E8 polytope. Physicists consider polytopes to be the most beautiful shapes in mathematics.  Lei-group E8 has 248 dimensions and is currently being explored as the unifying symmetry of all universal forces. E8 calculation mapping – a gigantic project conducted in 2007 by an international team of mathematicians and supercomputers – extended into 60 gigabytes, the printout of which would cover an area the size of Manhattan.  Physicist Garret Lisi has revealed how each of the 248 vertices of E8 correspond to different elementary particles as they twist and turn over space-time, reproducing all known (and predicted) particle waves and dynamics through pure geometry.

The Holotope Mandala is a skewed projection of eight dimensional layers of the E8 polytope, surrounded by an array of fractal patterns.  Each layer is outlined in brilliant rainbow colors.  Light is projected onto the canvas using 7-color LED projectors.  Light compositions developed through biofeedback reveal fascinating subtleties in this intricate geometry.  As frequencies of light, sound, and form blend, viewers experience expanded states of perception.

During the Holotope meditation, as the music and light-forms transition, biofeedback tells the computer program which patterns are stimulating physical and emotional responses, and memories.  Heart rate, galvanic electrical response in the skin, and pupil dilatation are examples of subtle physical responses that can be measured.  The computer then hovers around specific color compositions.  As you watch the intricate play of light and color, it immediately reflects back to you what you are feeling, which can assist with insights, releasing or resolving particular issues.

Co-creator Randall Fontes explains,
“Our life history is embedded in the nervous system and musculature or ‘armoring’ of our bodies. 
It is through sensory feedback, that it is possible for our bodies to speak directly to us.  When we feel safe, we can begin to surrender many layers of physical and emotional holding, that are no longer needed.  In order to achieve peace, we must first acknowledge what our bodies have been asked to carry on our behalf.  Just as each wave of the ocean smoothes and cleanses the beach, each wave of release within the body brings with it the opportunity to wash away another layer of holding.  In this intimate experience of self, layers of the past can fall away until you reach a place of peaceful communion with your Higher Self.  Yaqui shamans tell us that when the inner dialogue is silent, everything is possible.  From this elevated state, we can create anything, we can invent anything, and we can grow ourselves into anything.”


“I am awestruck,” says one viewer. “I’ve had an experience that I can hardly begin to describe.”


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