Light Smoky Sphere



Measures: 10″ width x 10″ depth x 10″ height
Weight:  44 lbs








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This light smoky quartz sphere comes from the mountains of Brazil.  This sphere is vibrant, with good clarity, and has lots of inclusions with both large and small rainbows.  When illuminated by the Light Labyrinth, this sphere becomes a celebration of light and color.  The planes of inclusions are reminiscent of fractal patterns, and are complex and intriguing from every angle.  Spheres work best with omni-directional, and multi-dimensional energies.  This amazing piece offers hours of elevated beauty, endless crystal gazing, and tapping into the infinite.

Comes with a custom black velvet pillow with a circular cutout specifically intended for the Light Labyrinth (not included).

Photographs are taken with either white only or all colors on, which change depending on the angle of the crystal and the observer.

Shipping Information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in