Clear Quartz Skull



Measures:  6″ width x 9″ depth x 6.3″ height
Weight:  17 lbs








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This larger than human sized skull hails from the jungles of Brazil.  The intent of the carver was to craft this beautiful quartz piece into a sacred tool for the purposes of healing humanity.  It is bright, clear, and has a rainbows near the crown and behind the eyes.  It is a powerful piece both on and off the light box.  Spend some time with this skull and it will tap into the lessons of our ancestors.  Crystal skulls are intended to be used in ways that promote the best possible outcomes for all of humanity.

Comes with a custom black velvet pillow with an oval cutout specifically intended for the Light Labyrinth (not included).

Photographs are taken with either white only or all colors on, which change depending on the angle of the crystal and the observer.

Shipping Information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in