You are invited!

In this most pivotal year, we are challenged with emerging new beginnings and completion of old patterns. From 2020, the year of transformation, arises the potential for an emerging chaos of wondrous hopes and dreaded fears.
It is important to stay connected with what truly matters and is life affirming. Come join us, explore your greatest dreams through holographic perception and intention seeding. Within the eye of possibility are dreams of a joyful future.  In our Holographic Universe, everything we need is here and now.

I invite all of you to join this adventure through our Holographic Universe. Bring your personal goals.  Together, we can set intentions, establish new patterns, envisioning something better for ourselves as individuals, and as a greater, more humane, and compassionate community.

Please join us Friday, March 6th in Sausalito.

Doors open at 6:30pm. Presentation begins at 7pm.

Seating is limited, reservations recommended.