*Crystal Sessions

Private Crystal Sessions with Rita

  • Learn more about crystals as tools for transformation and positive change
  • Find the right crystals to amplify your intentions, align energies, or for manifestation
  • Reflections on your power objects and how they may assist you in your life process
  • Clean and clear your crystals, suggestions for orientation and crystal grids
  • Guided practices for deeper crystal connection
  • Activating your vogels or crystals skulls
  • Intuitive readings and energy therapy

Prices vary according to your needs and length of session. Base price is $125/hour, with sliding scale fees available.

Schedule a Session: rita@seidcrystals.com

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Rita Stanikunaite, PhD, trained as a scientist with degrees in biology and pharmacognosy. She spent several years in academia, teaching students and doing research, discovering new drugs for inflammation, cancer, and other diseases. Her interest in the mind-body connection led her to complementary studies in Eastern and indigenous wisdom, healing practices, shamanism, energy medicine, and spirituality.

For many years, Rita has been a transformational coach, intuitive healer, and practitioner. Her work integrates science and spirituality. She can access non-ordinary consciousness and delves into the soul for insights. Rita is dedicated to personal awakening for the sake of the individual, the collective, and for positive planetary evolution.

Rita connects people with helpful plants and crystals. She receives information about crystals during her sessions; how they might be used as a change agent, or to amplify energy, or clear trauma. She teaches people how to use crystals for harmony, personal healing, and collective transformation.

Sessions are available either by phone or online video chat.

Schedule a Session: rita@seidcrystals.com