Light Labyrinth

The Light Labyrinth Pro
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The Awakened Journey with The Light Labyrinth Pro™
We invite you to experience The Light Labyrinth – a powerful new technology combining spectacular crystals with exquisite computerized light programs.  You will journey through transcendent beauty with dazzling color and strobe programs projected into dynamic quartz crystals.

The Light Labyrinth programs are carefully selected to facilitate viewers to break out of normal consciousness and access hypnogogic trance states for self-awareness, meditation, and mystical experiences.  The Light Labyrinth™ combines ancient shamanic wisdom, cutting edge light/mind technologies, and ancient crystals to access deep peace and profound meditative experiences.  The light programs help calm the complex visual and auditory stimulation the mind is normally receiving.  This a safe and effective way to relax and explore different states of consciousness.

The Light Labyrinth comes with a remote control for an interactive experience, and features the Music Visualizer with MIDI support for voice and instruments. With the Light Labyrinth, viewers can access profound meditation, deep peace, lucid dreaming, creative inspiration, inner spiritual guidance or simply enjoy an inspiring experience!

The Music Visualizer provides a multi-sensory auditory and visual feast with your favorite music, your voice, or your instrument. This function accepts audio input from an iPod, stereo system, CD player, microphone, guitar, keyboard and more! The ranges of sound frequencies are assigned color combinations that visualize the music. This will enable you to see what you are hearing, and notice subtle nuances in the music that you may not have noticed.

The Music Visualizer comes with a built-in microphone, MIDI features, and an adjustable sampling rate.  Enjoy your music more!