About Us

Ancient Technologies is dedicated to creating new tools of technology based on ancient principles of healing that are designed to assist group process and personal development.  Our highly dedicated and experienced teachers facilitate journeys into mystical states of awareness.

Products and Services
Ancient Technologies offers a wide array of products and services including:

  • Holotope – unique meditation technology using light, color, sound, form and beauty
  • Light Labyrinth – advanced crystal, light, and color technology
  • Music Visualizer – a multi-sensory experience of sound and music with the Light Labyrinth Pro
  • Spectacular Crystals – carefully selected by Kirby Seid and imported from around the world
  • Crystal Consultations and Artifacts – unique crystals or stones for specific transformational work
  • Custom-made Shamanic / Healing Tools – specific tools for your teaching, tradition, or healing practice
  • Private Light Labyrinth Sessions – one on one with our experienced facilitators
  • Day & Evening Workshops – inner exploration with the Holotope, Light Labyrinth and quartz crystals


Kirby Seid owns a gem and mineral business, travels the world for crystals and ancient artifacts, creates tools for shamanic practices, and has been teaching crystal workshops for the past 30 years.  Kirby has a B.A. in Psychology and is dedicated to the union of the crystal/mineral kingdom with our spiritual human evolution.  He has been developing the Light Labyrinth Project and Holotope in collaboration with artists from the Exploratorium in San Francisco and software writers from Apple Computer.

View Kirby’s amazing crystals for sale at www.seidcrystals.com


Randall Fontes with Holotope

Randall Fontes, co-creator of the Holotope, has been studying light and meditation for over 50 years.  From his very first memories he was fascinated with light, and has spent most of his life researching the scientific and mystical applications of light and color.  He has a Masters in Psychology from California State University Sonoma in conjunction with Stanford Research Institute.  Randall was invited by Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ to work with them at Stanford on developing the Remote Viewing protocol.  Because of his extensive research and development with light, and his work on “The Secret Life of Plants” movie, he was invited to be a guest on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”, “The David Susskind Show” and the NBC special “Wild Sciences”.

Darren Gibbs, Light Labyrinth software designer, is a creative innovator and programmer extraordinaire.  He is also a performance artist and musician.  Darren has been experimenting at the intersection of sound, technology, and consciousness for many years.  He has studied and taught visual arts & music technology at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.  He studied electronic music as a graduate student at Mills College in Oakland, California.  Darren continues to create music, sound sculpture, and intermedia performances as well as pursuing his studies in Tai Chi, sound and shamanic healing, drumming, meditation, and yoga.

Christopher Harris, our “super-tech” engineer, has been involved in the electronics industry for the last 17 years in R&D and as an electronics instructor.  Along with hand constructing each Light Labyrinth, Christopher has an uncanny ability to handle everything else we throw at him, from producing plaster replicas to customer support and custom installation.  Chris claims his job is always exciting, “It’s like coming to work in a jelly bean factory.”

Rebekka Maestre is a personal and business coach, hypnotherapist and writer.  She has been involved with Ancient Technologies for many years:  marketing, consulting and co-designing, organizing events and seminars, and co-authoring both the Light Labyrinth and Holotope guidebooks.  She previously led Vision Team workshops and has managed, consulted, owned small businesses and retail stores, and taught in innovative programs for special needs children.

Hillary Lynne is our webmaster, copy-editor, marketing director and group facilitator.  She has a B.S. in Architectural Engineering from CalPoly University, San Luis Obispo, and has many years of experience in Architecture and Graphic Design.  In addition to our guidebooks, she also produces all of our printed materials, digital flyers, photography and promotional videos.