Ancient Technologies

Seekers of truth have always journeyed beyond the boundaries of space-time into other worlds to bring back visions for themselves, for others, and to benefit the world.  In our Holotope and Light Labyrinth active meditation workshops, we use a number of techniques involving light, color, and energy to move into altered states and other realities to reveal visions and messages beyond what we could have imagined.


Join us for an amazing adventure into transcendent states of conscious and lucid dreaming with Advanced Light Meditation Technology.


Introducing our new Music Visualizer program on the Light Labyrinth Pro

*Note: Light banding is a result of video compression and is not visible to the naked eye.
The Light Labyrinth uses a 7-color LED spectrum and is much richer in real life.  Your monitor has only RGB.

This stunning 20″ tall clear quartz generator crystal weighs 75-lbs, has been ritually charged, and is available for purchase for $30,000 USD


The Awakening Journey

We invite you to experience the Light Labyrinth™:
powerful light technology combines spectacular crystals with exquisite computerized light programs. You will journey through transcendent beauty with dazzling color and brainwave light frequency programs projected into dynamic ancient quartz crystals. The specialized light programs and auditory stimulation are conducive to calming the mind and stimulating insight, creativity, and deep peace through a meditative engagement.


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An Exquisite Multidimensional Journey!

The Holotope experience is a synergy of light, color, sound, form and beauty; creating transcendent states of awareness and self-discovery.
The dynamic synthesis of moving light projected upon this geometric artwork generates a complex visual field that allows you to perceive in multiple dimensions.  The Holotope was developed as a way of communing with the unifying structures of the Universe.  A deeper sense of peace, clarity and creativity can be resourced.





“When light patterns activate this moving geometric mandala, it begins unfolding like a lotus in front of you and within you.  As you witness the mind trying to capture and resolve this mysterious experience, awareness touches the innermost self, and spontaneous meditation arises.”

“I felt clear, calm, and relieved of all physical tension as if I had meditated for several hours,” reflects author Sheldon Norberg.  “It made me wonder what tremendous healing potential this device has for people with all sorts of ailments.”

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