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The Light Labyrinth Pro™

Price: $3,500 USD

  • 12″ x 12″ x 4″ stand which can support medium to extra large crystals
  • Super Bright LED Lights in 7 brilliant colors
  • Over 25 Specialized Light Form Programs
  • 9 Non-Strobing Meditation Programs:
    Dream, Serenity, Timeless, Twilight, Breath, Fantasy, Fireworks, Colorwave, Masterwave
  • 9 Strobing Meditation Programs:
    Initiation, Transcend, Nova, Luminous, Radiance, Polyrhythm, Lightning, Spirals, Helix
  • 6 Chakra Meditation Programs
  • Strobe Frequency Settings: Alpha, Theta, Delta, Beta & Variable
  • Single Color Mode for working with one color at a time, two color blending, or multicolor blending
  • Special additional features: Depth of Strobe Shifting, Duty Cycle Shifting, All Colors On, Color Speed Control
  • Remote Control provides an interactive experience
  • Music Visualizer allows you to see what you are hearing and observe the deeper, hidden patterns of music
  • Plus MIDI inputs for connecting multiple units at once


Light Box Crystals

We have a selection of stunning light box crystals for sale that can fit any budget.


Featured:  20″ tall Clear Quartz Generator – Ritually Charged – $30,000



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